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Baby Nurse New York


At Caring Baby Nurses, we are exclusively dedicated in placing trained and experienced baby nurses in Manhattan, NY. Our baby nurses will take complete care of your newborn by bathing, diapering, dressing, feeding and much more. They will bring their experience and expertise to ease your transition into parenthood. The time spent with your newborn and baby nurse will be a cherished experience.

Our services include placing baby nurses for 24 hour care, 12 hour overnight or daytime care, and multiple care. All of our baby nurses have extensive references and have been thoroughly screened providing you with the highest quality in care available. We can send you a baby nurse on short notice, so it is never too late to call.

Thank you for your interest in our services. Please contact us to request more information on how we can help you with your childcare needs. We are the premier placement agency of baby nurses in Manhattan, NY.


Caring Baby Nurses is dedicated to matching families with the most qualified baby nurses in Manhattan, NY. All of our Baby Nurses fill out an extensive application, are then met in person and all references and background/criminal checks are carefully checked and verified. All Baby nurses must be Infant CPR certified and most of them have taken a Baby Nurse training course. After receiving your application we will work with you every step of the way to find your family the perfect match. We are the premier placment agency of baby nurses in Manhattan, NY!

Baby Nurse Services

Enjoy your child’s first few months at home with our highly experienced Baby Nurse manhattan. During the critical first few months of your baby’s life, our baby nurses will provide professional assistance with skill and expertise to assure a good transition for you, your family and your newborn.
Our trained Baby Nurses will be able to provide value to your home through your experience with them. They will be sensitive to the needs of your child and be responsive when your infant is uncomfortable or in need of care.

A baby nurse will come to your home and provide the following services:

Feeding, bathing, and changing your infant
Preparation of bottles and washing/cleaning/sterilizing
Sleep training
Initiating a schedule for sleeping, meals, nap and play time
Advising and providing any requested consultation on infant needs
Assuring a safe environment
Breastfeeding guidance
Lactation support
Cord and circumcision care
Organizing the nursery

Night Baby Nurse

A night Baby Nurse NY works a 12-hour shift in the evening hours. This allows the new parents to catch up on the much-needed rest. A night Baby Nurse will provide the same services as a 24-hour Baby Nurse.